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Robert Amar: Why Champions Fly With Executive Flights

Even though Rob Amar began his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu career in June 2014, he has established himself as one of the best in his division in the sport. Amar lives by his motto “If you’re not doing what you love, you’re not doing the right thing”.

At the young age of 26, Rob was a self-made financially, living the high life. At 34, he lost it all. Having lived on both sides of the spectrum, Amar found his passion for Jiu-jitsu where, he explains, it doesn’t matter how much money a person has - everyone is equal when they get on the mat.

Racking up a reputation and many impressive accolades (7 Gold, 2 Bronze) at all levels of Jiu-jitsu, Amar has yet to miss the podium at an IBJJF tournament and is also a 5-time medal winner (4 Gold, 1 Silver) at the Grappling Industries Tournaments.

When Amar travels to a tournament, it’s important for him to be cool, calm and stress-free so he can mentally prepare for the big fight. That’s why he can always depend on Yosef and his team at Executive Flights to take care of all his first-class international travel needs without any hassle. In his word’s, Amar uses EXF because “They help people get to where they need to be, at best costs and the ultimate customer service”.

On behalf of all of us at Executive Flights - best of luck!



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