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Business Class Experience

Anyone who has flown business class knows that the experience is, well, exactly that - an experience. Whether it is eating the surprisingly tasty and fresh gourmet food on the airplane or sleeping comfortably on your full-length seat-turned-bed, there is something special about the luxury and convenience of a business class flight. The glamorous lounges, the impeccable service, and the extreme comfort ensure that once you go business it is hard to go back.

Convenience of Chauffeurs

For many business class ticket holders, the experience often starts long before you even board the plane. For example, when flying business class with Etihad Airways, a chauffeur comes to pick you up at your home to bring you to your flight. Instead of stressing about finding a taxi or forcing your friend to drive you, you simply order the limo online with the click of a button, freeing you to spend that energy instead on your plans for when you arrive at your destination. Likewise, because the service is provided by the airline, you no longer have to worry about getting stuck in traffic and missing your flight. The driver will show up on time and all you need to do is hop into the backseat of the air conditioned, luxury vehicle while he handles your luggage and gets you to the airport. The service sets up a pickup time that will get you there with plenty of time to spare.

Luxury Lounges

Arriving at the airport with a business class ticket, you can swiftly skip all the lines at check-in and go through security in a matter of minutes. This is great because you will want that time to visit the extravagant business lounge, where you are often offered an expanse of good wine, gourmet food, cozy nap rooms, and spas. Etihad Airways’ Business Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi, for example, offers an international buffet, a barber to give you a style and a shave, a “six senses” spa, and concierge services. Likewise, if sports is your thing, the business class lounge for British Airways in London Heathrow offers a 20-seat cinema where you can watch the latest game, or whatever else you’re into.

In-Flight Comfort

Refreshed from your time in the spa, or utterly relaxed after your nap, you can now gather your things and head over to your gate. Business class ticket-holders do not need to wait on lines in order to board the airplane, but privately check-in at the gate and get shown to their seats. Most business-class seats recline a full 180 degrees, laying flat like a bed, ensuring that you can sleep soundly during your flight. Besides for turning into a 78-inch long bed, Singapore Airways offers seats that also have two other comfort options, including the Lazy Z, a position that makes sure to balance and center your weight into a cradling position for maximum comfort, and the Sundeck, a position for lounging with your feet relaxingly outstretched on an ottoman.

Gourmet Food

When it comes time for meals, there is absolutely no comparing the experience of eating gourmet meals using real dishes and silverware with the food served in economy. Thus, Emirates also treats its business class ticket holders to menus that are updated every month and offer delicacies as complex and tasty as wild Iranian caviar with sour cream and blinis or lamb noisette with roasted vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. Furthermore, the wine list is expansive, ensuring that you can perfectly pair your drink with your dish. But when it isn’t meal time and you are looking for a drink, don’t miss out on the in-flight bar that offers hundreds of options of liquors and spirits. This a great spot to meet some of your fellow travelers, have some whiskey or champagne and get to know your friendly cabin crew.

Executive Flights

While it may seem that this is the sort of experience you do once in a while, paying for business class airfare does not need to cost a fortune. Since its founding, Executive Flights has specialized in finding great deals for business class flights. Using insider knowledge and manual research that no machine or algorithm can truly compete with, our company has grown exponentially since its creation. We cater to a growing client base from all over the globe to ensure that more people than ever can afford to enjoy the luxuries of business class travel. Saving money on business class travel is simply our M.O., with average savings of 30%-50% off flight costs. In an age where travel agents are on the decline, Executive Flights has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the international travel industry. By simply picking up the phone or requesting a quote on our website, you can open the door for amazing services and shockingly low prices to achieve an experience of a lifetime.

Yosef Rosenzweig - CEO & Founder of Executive Flights

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