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Fly Business Class? Meet Executive Flights

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Yosef Rosenzweig says it’s no secret that the dawn of the current decade will be remembered as “the time that half of the world’s population were asked to stay home”. Yet today, after riding out the pandemic storm, the agency is back to assisting international travellers as they face the sobering reality that booking a trip isn’t as easy as it may have once been.

Executive Flights has been serving travelers since 2013 - a luxury travel concierge for business and first class international travelers it has maintained key relationships with airlines including Qantas, Delta, Emirates, Singapore Air, United, Air Canada and every other major airline – to deliver an invaluable service for its customers – eliminating headaches and making travel simple.

“Inflation rates are up, gas prices are up – and airline tickets are as high as they’ve ever been,” Rosenzwseig says. “By understanding the industry inside out, we are able to secure off-line flights and best rates available"

How does the process work?

With a simple: request a quote, email, phone call or WhatsApp message containing pertinent travel details (destinations and dates) Executive Flights comes back to you with the best travel options available.

Agents can also conduct business from anywhere, any time. It’s a level of service that does not go unnoticed – in all corners of the globe. “Prompt responses, detailed, and with suggested cheaper flight options. I'll definitely recommend Executive Flights,” says Grace Ngai Wai Yee, Executive Assistant to the CEO of iCarAsia in Malaysia.

In fact, Executive Flights is no stranger to catering to the needs of their clients. When the company saw an opportunity to respond to market demand and make things easier for their large Australian clientele, they jumped on it. Rosenzweig says it made perfect sense to open an office down under where the agency could now charge in the Australian dollar. In appreciation of this client-centric approach, Australian customers are always happy to endorse Rosenzweig and his team.

“My travel schedule is a nightmare,” says Jaimie Fuller, Co-Founder of EO. “I recommend Executive Flights to all my friends and business colleagues without reservation. They not only get the job done brilliantly but do so in the nicest and friendliest way possible. This means a great deal to me as I like to do business with people who I like, not just those that offer excellent value for money - which, of course, they also most definitely do. Yosef and the team at Executive Flights are geniuses - no other way to word this.”

Rosenzweig says that it’s really no surprise that people are looking for agencies to handle their travel right now. Staffing shortages and a spike in the number of travelers have led to delays and frustrations at airports that many people can relate to.

“2021 was a record year for travel and there’s an expectation that 2022 will beat that number,” adds Rosenzweig. “So, the combination of a strong resurgence of travelling and low staff to handle the crowds – it’s a pain point for travelers today. Executive Flights is equipped to deal with that pain.”

Written by April Potter and published by "My Business Magazine"



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