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Reaching Up Higher Than Ever With Nigel McKinley

Anyone who is wondering what it's like to set a new industry standard can ask Nigel McKinley, who is one of the people changing the face of construction in Australia and potentially around the world. Through his work with equipment companies Innov8 and Uphire, the process of building the roads we drive on and the buildings in which we live and work is becoming greener and more efficient than ever.

Just as the Toyota Prius helped make hybrid cars mainstream, traffic equipment company Innov8, where Nigel is managing director, is helping to make green machinery the norm. In a world where most machinery is powered by fossil fuels like diesel, Innov8 has become an industry leader in making solar-powered and hybrid machinery mainstream. Their eco-friendly equipment such as lighting towers, message boards and video boards use renewable resources, eliminate smoke emissions, reduce noise pollution, and best of all, cuts down on costs. Innov8 Equipment are proud to be early adopters of hybrid technology and have invested significantly into the research and development of sustainable products.

Nigel with Malcolm Turnbull, Former Prime Minister of Australia

Nigel's key to success comes from finding niches in his industry and filling those gaps. That was done when he started his own company called Uphire (which he runs in addition to being director at Innov8). Uphire is a one-stop-shop for anyone needing elevating work platforms and materials handling equipment, as well as the professional operators to run that equipment. They specialize in selling and hiring machinery such asboom lifts, scissor lifts , lighting towers, scaffolding and forklifts, among many other things.

Uphire started small but grew quickly. When it began in 2011, its fleet consisted of a handful machines but as of 2018, has a fleet of over 500. In the past seven years, it has gained notoriety providing equipment for hit reality TV show The Amazing Race, as well as for the Defqon.1 music festival in Australia.

Nigel understands the importance of efficiency, good service, and good value more than anyone. In his industry, people's lives depends on it. Those values were some of the things that made him a loyal customer of boutique travel agency Executive Flights. Nigel now uses them exclusively for his company's travel needs, as well as his own personal ones. Executive Flights' efficiency, trustworthiness, and excellent rates have made them the best in the business, just like Uphire and Innov8. "I highly recommend Executive Flights," Nigel said. "My account manager at EXF always finds the most suitable flights at the lowest rates for me and my team. " With service like that, Executive Flights is raising the bar, one flight at a time.



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