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LinkedIn’s Missing Link

What if a service like LinkedIn was able to help businesses connect with serious, long-term clients as easily as the social media platform allows job-seekers to connect with potential employers or businesses to recruit potential employees?

This is a service that Ivan Kaye is now able to provide.

In his founding of the Builders Business Group and Referron, Ivan has been able to create a one-two punch for connecting people who stand to gain from being connected, providing the opportunity for inspired innovators to get to know each other, provide referrals, and network. This endeavor is important because “people do business with people they know, like, and trust,” says Ivan.

The Builders Business Group is a new, innovative platform for exclusive meet-ups of innovators and business owners. The meetings are held regularly and are focused and scheduled to ensure that everyone who joins them leaves with a wider network, a better idea of their own company’s journey, and more skills and understanding of their industry.

Referron is an app that helps businesses who rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to quickly expand their clientele. Instead of blindly heading into a business relationship with an unknown company or client, this app allows people to refer friends or colleagues to businesses they like. Its simple platform ensures that companies that use it see immediate results, with an average increase of 3-6 times the number of referral.

Builders Business Group currently consists of dozens groups who meet up across Australia once a month, all of who have found success through the organization and through Referron. Ivan is currently laying the groundwork in Australia but plans to expand the program globally as he fine-tunes the process and develops the app to ensure that it functions as smoothly and easily as possible.

In one such example of its success, Ivan describes Chatura, an interior designer who emigrated from Sri Lanka to Melbourne. Knowing nobody upon his arrival, Chatura was able to build a successful business and network through Referron and BBG .“To see something like that, to be able to help an immigrant who has fought and struggled to come to a new country in the hopes for a better life, that gives me an amazing sense of job satisfaction,” says Ivan.

It is Ivan’s desire to work with people he likes that brought him to Executive Flights. “When I travel, which I do often, I use Executive Flights,” he says. “I always say that any business is made up of people, which means that ‘good business relationships’ are simply ‘good relationships.’ That’s how I feel about Executive Flights. They’re great people, they have great prices and are simply the best way to book international business class flights. Check them out and refer people to them on the Referron app!”

And this is also exactly why we love doing business with him. To use his words, we know, like and trust Ivan Kaye. Connect with him on his Referron vCard:

Yosef Rosenzweig

CEO & Founder of Executive Flights

USA 347.983.9454 (ext 1)

AUS 02.8091.1612 (ext 1)



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