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Brendan Gunn: Bringing Out the Best In Every Business

Brendan Gunn is the kind of guy every professional wants by their side. In almost two decades in the financial trading world, Brendan has become a true force to be reckoned with, creating some of the most successful trading teams in the world.

Like the great Warren Buffet, Brendan built his reputation on being able to build something out of nothing. For example, when he was a director of global client services for GAIN Capital, he not only started the company's Singapore branch but made it into one of the company's most successful offices.

In 2016, he founded the Brendan Gunn Consulting Group in 2016 and now shares his insight and talent with any company that needs his magic touch, whether it's with recruitment, sales, strategy, or more.

Brendan credits much of his talent to two things: finding and hiring the right people for each team and then cultivating the best out of them. "I have a passion for going beyond what is 'normal' and exceeding expectations," he says.

On top of being an industry expert, he's also big on keeping everyone else in the loop. He founded and runs a financial trading news website, The Industry Spread. In three years, it's become the go-to source for business and trade news happening around the globe.

Brendan is based in his hometown of Sydney, Australia, but regularly does consulting work all over the world, including the US, UK, Japan, and Singapore.

As a highly sought-after consultant, he's become a frequent traveler and as a result, a regular customer of boutique travel agency Executive Flights.

"Executive Flights has been a game changer for me," Brendan says. "The team is easy to work with and extremely accommodating. Best of all, they know how to find the best deals."




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