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It’s His First Class Service Which Has Him At The Top Of His Industry

When you think of Australia’s leading sports agency, Pacific Sports Management (PSM) comes to mind. As Managing Director Of PSM, Chris Orr is fast becoming the premier Sports Agent down under. Orr is one of the most respected and successful sports management consultants in Australia, working predominantly within NRL and Rugby circles but more recently within the NFL, where he broke new ground with Jordan Mailata becoming the first player to be drafted without ever playing the game.

Owner and Managing Director of Pacific Sports Management who operates from his two offices based on the Gold Coast and Sydney, Orr has established a company built on loyalty, integrity, family values, and hard work. Originally established in 1999 by himself and his brother Gavin Orr, Pacific Sports Management is now one of Australia’s leading sports management companies, PSM has represented over 600 premier athletes, coaches and entertainers from across the professional sports and entertainment industries, while simultaneously assisting with the successful negotiation of over 8000 professional contracts.

Greg Bird is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays for the Catalans Dragons in the Super League.

Orr’s valuable experience working in professional sporting organizations within Australia and the United Kingdom and that he actually played professionally in the NRL and Super League within the UK give Orr the authenticity his clients need. This makes Orr most relatable to his clients and allows them to feel that as he successfully navigated himself through the trials and tribulations of a professional rugby career, there could be no one greater to guide and advise them on their own careers. Orr’s notable clients include Greg Bird, Kevin Campion, Jason Taumalolo, Daly Cherry Evans and Brad Arthur.

While there are many sports management agencies across Australia, Orr has ensured that his company offers a fresh and innovative approach to managing clientele, making the Pacific Sports Management brand a trailblazer in the industry. Such an approach starts with the belief that every professional athlete should effectively become the CEO of their own enterprise and that the job incumbent upon Orr and his team, is to build the client’s brand and maximize their revenue. To meet these simple objectives, the staff at Pacific Sports Management effectively act as a client’s executive team, doing everything possible to provide guidance and advice in all areas of a client’s lifestyle. This fresh approach to client management, Orr and his team are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to assist with anything and everything for their clients.

Though many sports management agencies will have a universal approach in managing their clientele, Orr and his team believe that each client should be treated as an individual and given a flexible program and business plan that will help them to succeed in their professional careers and their lives post-retirement. In compiling such a business plan, Orr aims to assist with marketing and endorsement opportunities, contract negotiation, financial management and even post-career planning. Orr has been most successful at this, having secured marketing and endorsement opportunities for many athletes with powerhouse companies, such as, Nike, Billabong, and Powerade. Orr also aims to assist his clients with opportunities to build their professional business networks, ensuring that regardless of when a player retires, they will have little trouble finding work experience or professional placements. This is often the catalyst for many to sign with Pacific Sports Management, in that players know and feel that even post-retirement, Orr will continue to have their back and assist with all that they need to create a successful life after playing a professional sport.

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