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Luxury Retailer Colton’s Couture Reaches for the Sky

Having great style is an incredible asset and Vancouver fashion visionary Howard Colton makes it easier than ever for savvy shoppers to have everything their heart desires.

His line of luxury boutiques, Colton's Couture, has revolutionized the fashion scene in the city by changing what it means to shop. A visit to any of his three Lower Mainland locations reveals precisely that.

Each boutique has its product explicitly chosen on the needs of the community that surrounds the location. In-house stylists guide the shopper through their curated collection of Gucci, Dior, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and more, and assist in putting together amazing looks that fit the season.

The inspiration for Colton's Couture was born from Colton's decades of experience creating designer brands' online sales hubs. He saw the need to personalize luxury shopping, as well as save people from having to run from store-to-store to find an item.

His first venture was Colton's Personal Couture, which opened its doors as a personal shopping service in 2012 and created the city's ultimate one-stop luxury clothing shop. Its unabashed decadence was unheard of at the time – there was a $25,000 membership fee – and it turned out to be exactly what people desired.

In 2016, Colton’s Personal Couture was furloughed as Howard Colton worked on his first luxury retail venture - Colton’s Couture. Originally a pop-up in Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre Mall, its success made the transition to permanent an easy decision, and soon it was followed by a second location in Richmond Centre in 2017. December 2018 heralded not only the holiday season but the launch of Colton’s Couture Metropolis at Metrotown location, and this summer the company plans to launch a fourth location at international shopping destination McArthurGlen Outlet.

Colton's own life reflects how he does business. He looks for elegance, ease, and a high level of personalization with everything he does. That is why he's been a loyal customer of boutique travel agency Executive Flights since 2013.

"My business thrives because I make it easy for people to get exactly what they want," he says. "I get that when I use Executive Flights."

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Colton especially loves the personalized treatment he gets. "My travel consultant at Executive Flights already knows my preferences, so I just let them know my travel dates, and they handle the rest. Flying has become a lot more enjoyable and budget-friendly, for both my family and my business."




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