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Focus On What You Can Offer

When you hear “I work at a firm whose core business is accounting”, you probably do not think “life of the party” - but that is because you probably never met anyone like Antony Gordon. I had not. There is a specific quality that some people have that sends a signal to your brain, flashing as soon as you meet them, telling you instantly that you are in the presence of something special. Someone who can move mountains. This is the feeling you get when you meet Antony Gordon … and if you do not believe me, just ask Manny Pacquiao.

Let us take you back.

It was the mid-1980's and Gordon was living in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he grew up, completing a bachelor's degree in psychology and law from the University of Witwatersrand. However, because studying for a double major just was not filling up his day, Gordon decided to produce a huge university concert, called the “Free People Concert” – a protest against the systematic racism being done by the country’s apartheid government. The event was a smashing success as were the ones he led in the following years as he finished his degree. His electricity and unique ability to manage a successful production and to draw an audience led to him becoming a stage manager for South Africa’s “Concert in the Park” in 1985. The concert broke the record for the largest concert in South Africa’s history, attracting an audience of over 100,000 people.

Antony at the White House as a guest of President George W. Bush

Antony at the White House as a guest of President George W. Bush

After graduation, Gordon headed to America with a Fulbright Scholarship to attend Harvard Law School. While there, Derek Bok, the university president, launched a campaign to raise one billion dollars for the Harvard Endowment. Gordon was charged to create a concept that would be Harvard Law School’s

contribution to the billion-dollar campaign.

Given the success Gordon had achieved in putting together major music concerts in South Africa, it should perhaps come as no surprise that a music concert, titled “Harvard International Rock for Education” or HIRE was born.

It soon became apparent that with the president of Harvard about to retire, and with Gordon only months away from graduating, the Harvard International Rock for Education idea had to find a new home. After researching the demographic trends related to the three major TV networks, Gordon was convinced that he could make a case to Larry Tisch, the CEO of CBS to grant one of the most famous TV networks in America exclusive rights to the concert Gordon put together.

A Harvard Law School student pitching a huge new idea to one of the major power brokers in New York … Chutzpah? Chutzpah indeed … and that is exactly why the late Larry Tisch apparently took a liking to Gordon … and so began a relationship that played an important role for Gordon in the years ahead …

“I learned a life lesson from my meeting with Larry Tisch that changed the way I approached new encounters for the rest of my life,” says Gordon. “Instead of focusing on what I hoped to gain from Mr. Tisch, I spent the meeting explaining to him what I would be able to offer him. This principle is something that I have since embraced in all areas of my life. In any situation, when dealing with other people I work to understand what they are looking for and how I can fulfill that.”

This view on life is extremely helpful in his career now, spearheading business development for a professional service firm with over 400 employees who are responsible for numerous high profile clients. Attracting new clients to a professional service firms is all about how you can add value to a person in a meaningful way.

This view on life is also something we, at Executive Flights, share with Antony, which is perhaps why we are such a perfect match. When we meet clients like Antony, we immediately ask ourselves, “How can we fill a need for this person? What can we do to help?” We have been embodying this message to much success since 2013, and have many happy clients around the world, who, like Antony, keep coming back and tell all their friends to come to us too because we can assure them the best prices and the best travel experience each and every time. “

Executive Flights is really a great service,” said Antony. “Good business is good business and this business is clearly a good one. It offers the quickest, easiest way to book a business class or first class flights internationally and is cheaper than anyone else is, which does not hurt. The experience is seamless. I have recommended this service to many people already and will continue to do so!”

Yosef Rosenzweig

CEO & Founder of Executive Flights USA 347.983.9454 (ext 1)

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