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Emirates‘ Incredible New First Class Review

He may be busy working with CNN and Samsung, as well as on his slew of other projects, but Casey Neistat somehow still finds time for daily vlogging. Due to his frequent travels, the famed YouTuber also continues to crank out his always-entertaining airline reviews, which largely brought his channel to prominence.

For his latest showcase, Neistat takes us onboard Emirates‘ incredible new first class suite, which he dubs the “all time greatest airplane seat.” Decked out in festive holiday attire, Casey takes full advantage of Emirates’ seat which doubles as a bed, closet, two TVs, and door that completely opens and closes.

All in all, Neistat refers to the suite as a small but extremely elegant hotel room, that just so happens to travel at 30,000-plus feet in the sky.

Watch Casey’s candid review, press play below:

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