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5 New Business Class Seats We Can’t Wait To Try

With lots of money currently being invested in the aviation industry, we are are seeing plenty invested in upgrading business class. From British Airways to Lufthansa, the world’s airlines are moving into a new world of luxury. Some of the investment has been long overdue. We take a look at 5 of the new business class seats being introduced.

Lufthansa B777x

Lufthansa is currently expecting a number of new aircraft. While it is unclear if the airline will order 15 new A380plus aircraft, we know the airline is expecting B777x aircraft. When these aircraft are introduced to the fleet they will be delivered with a brand new business class offering. The B777x will offer each business class passenger direct aisle access. This means that the aircraft is laid out in an alternating seating pattern of 1-2-1, 1-1-1, 1-2-1…

The middle seats will be known as throne seats. This is because the passenger will almost have a private suite as depicted in the image above. These throne seats will transform into lie-flat beds of 2 meters, while all of the other seats will become 2.2m long. These seats will be controlled with removable tablets installed in the seats.

Cathay Pacific Regional Flights

The second business class seat that we can’t wait to try is the new offering being installed on Cathay Dragon flights. The seats will be found on new A321neo aircraft, which the airline is expecting to begin receiving in 2019.

Cathay Dragon’s new business class offering.

Cathay Dragon’s new business class offering. While the new offering won’t have lie-flat beds, however, the aircraft will have reclining seats installed in business class. Vivian Lo, Cathay Pacific’s Head of Customer Experience & Design commented on the new offering: “Our average regional sector length for Cathay Dragon is two hours, for Cathay Pacific it’s three hours, so at the moment we think we’ve got a very comfortable product for that service,” says Cathay Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg, who added that Cathay Dragon’s A321neo jets will adopt “a two-class configuration of about 200 seats”.

Singapore Airlines Regional Flights

Singapore Airlines is currently investing in the business class found on its regional subsidy. This will see the new B737MAX8 aircraft, in addition to the airlines current B737-800 aircraft, fitted with lie-flat seats in business class. Singapore Airlines is attempting to standardise the experience that passengers get changing between long-and-short-haul flights. Currently, on a number of airlines, the short-haul business class offering is vastly different to that of long-haul. In the case of some airlines, passengers in business class are sat in an economy seat and simply have the seat next to them blocked out.

Singapore Airlines is installing lie-flat beds on its regional fleet.

British Airways Club World

British Airways has been criticised for dragging its heels when upgrading its business offering, however, it appears like the wait will have been worth it. It is expected that the airline’s upgraded business class will begin to be introduced in 2019. Alex Cruz, British Airways’ CEO hinted that the seats will be “really something else”. The seats will reportedly be offering much more privacy, while additionally offering each passenger direct aisle access. The exact offering is a closely guarded secret that is currently being tested behind closed doors, however, before too long we should hopefully have more information about it.

A potential mock-up of the new British Airways business class offering.

Turkish Airlines

Last but not least is the business class offering that Turkish Airlines is investing in. Around halfway through 2019, the B787 aircraft that Turkish Airlines operates will be receiving a new business class offering. Following this, it will be installed on the company’s new A350 aircraft. Each individual seat will have direct aisle access as the aircraft are to be fitted in a 1-2-1 layout. With a 44 inch pitch, the seats are said to offer an awful lot of privacy. Unfortunately, these seats won’t be retrofitted to older Turkish aircraft.

Turkish could be installing the Thompson Vantage XL seats in business class, seen here installed on a Delta aircraft.

Which of the business class seat would you most like to fly on? Let us know in the comments down below!


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